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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hungarian follow-up project

Name: Cultures in Action (Youth Exchange)

Who is going to do it?

Host country: Hungary, Szentes

Partner countries: Estonia, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania

4-5 participant / country

age between 17-21

Target group:

Highschool leavers, university students. Who is interested and opened to language differences (etimology, linguistics) and various types of communication (oral, gesture, body language) between countries. (+differences in art expressions)

Duration and beginning date:

9 days, 2012. szeptember 1-9.

Main project topics:

Cultural awareness, similarities and differences between communication customs. Theoretical and practical background of speech and body language. How can you create message and effectively deliver it?

Expected results:

Better communication skills, confidence of delivery public speech in English, skill of negotiating, tolerance towards other cultures, gain practical examplesm contacts.

Project level

International, Youth Exchange in Hungary


Estonia, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania

Additiona information:

Different experts: advertisor expert, negotiator,

University teachers, drama teacher,

Lecsó (food festival) @ Szentes, host country demonstration (trip to Szeged), challenge trip on the River Tisza.

This is a picture of our team at the Lecsó(ratatouille) festival.

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