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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quality not quantity

Hey, this is Jukka, Bea and Sarunas:)
We tried our best to prepare in the night for the following mission in the Korp! Vironia (Tartu)
We were supposed to speak to unemployed youth and university students in a sort of informational seminar placing emphasis on social responsibility and volunteering. When we arrived to the faternity house which was seriously awesome (with swords and pool tables!), we set up the projector, got mentally prepared for the challenge and waited for the flood of people.12:30 .... nothing...
12:36 .... Riho starts hearing voices....
12:41 .... Riho returns with no one.. :(
12:55 .... Riho starts hearingvoices AGAIN... but this time he came back with a girl. (yupííííí)

After we introduced ourselves, we started a presentation. We asked what had she heard about Youth in Action, and she had already heard a lot about it and was especially interested in EVS, how to apply, what are the requirements, what it is exactly and financing. We were happy to help her understand the system, and explain the opportunities available with EVS. We even worked with the EVS database to find her a place for volunteering in various countries!
Since we didn't feel satisfied sharing what we have learned with just one person, we headed down to the University of Tartu, where we talked to various young people and told them about their opportunities and were very pleased with the results. Most people talked very good english and had already heard about Youth in Action, but were interested in deepening their understanding.When we were out of booklets and handouts, we decided to eat something pretty delicious at a kebab place Riho mentioned. How we can get back to Otepaa? Ohh, yes, we have to reach the bus!!! So we were running to the station and jump on it. The way back was sleepy and silent after the big challenging day.

Kind regards,
Sarunas, Jukka, Bea.

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