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Friday, April 15, 2011

Youth in Action day

Today's day started with a little sleepyness after the diversity night. But since we have energizers and really good spirit among the group, everything went well. First thing to do was to find out the differences between formal, non-formal and informal learning. Do you know the differences? No? We know now and we suggest you to come to one of the Youth in Action program to find it out by yourself :). Until then, we may tell you that as long as you’re staying in school and listen to your teachers it’s formal learning, in breaks when you talk to your fellows about work you did during lessons would be informal learning and non-formal learning you would experience in different projects.
Today’s schedule of our project I share I care, was based on non-formal learning about YiA program. We were divided into groups of three participants and each group would have a task to explain others about actions possible in the YiA program. To find everything about it by yourself, follow this link.
The workshop we had went great, groups presented the actions very clearly and there would be some nice discussion and debates on different projects in which participants were already involved in. Some of us have some experience from before, but not much. Some participants don’t have any previous experiences but there are also some, who have a lot of projects behind and they shared their knowledge with the rest of us.
In the afternoon was time for a meeting café. Who do you think joined us? 6 YiA experts with lots of experiences to share with us!!! Most of us, decided to do European Volunteer Services once in our life. You should check it too! You may also go in different continents to practice and to take some time between your studies. It’s mostly free of charge, YiA would provide you transportation, accommodation, beverages and you would get some pocket money as well. Seems cool, right?
Now it’s time to leave, we have to get ourselves ready to eat dinner in town and go out partying after words. YiA program is WAITING 4 YOU!
Only for you from the middle of no where,
Larisa and Živa

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