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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zombies in Tartu

After the Estonian night when we had a very exciting quiz game it was difficult to start the new day. Some of the people were missing and as we noticed they were stuck in Zombieland. Those creatures were pale, with red eyes and they were crawling all over the dining room in search of a nice spot to lay down their shallow bodies.
How can you make zombies take human shape?
Of course, with energetic Estonian dances! Those active moves were indeed helpful and all the sleeping zombies took their place in the team circle as normal human beings. We were all ready to continue our weekly actions and training work.
Today´s topic was about public speaking and motivating people. Everybody has a fear of speaking in front of people and we pointed out the main problems and solutions of speaking in public. Then we were split in several groups to make presentations on ways of approaching and motivating different group targets. By brainstorming we made a simple plan of basic steps on group/individual motivation. We also wrote down the do´s and don´ts of how to effectively motivate people.
We learnt how to engage people, catch their attention and make them more active about citizenship, community work and influencing decision-makers.
The later afternoon was devoted to a Tartu city trip. Here we had some short guided tour and later – some free time to explore the cozy shops for lovely souvenir gifts. The wonderful afternoon ran so fast that we even didn’t notice when we ended up in the highest pub in the world. We don’t know if it is the highest but the beer glasses were the biggest.
In the end, almost at midnight, hopelessly tired we again returned to the feeling of being zombies.
Creature adventures, to be continued…


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