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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Otepaa answer hunt!

1. We met 10 lovely people, whose names are: Astrid, Kerli, Kevin, Maria, Marko, Kruno, Silver, Sndrek, Tarvi and Kristjan.
2. We found out that there are 590 students in Otepää school.
3. People are going out in clubs (Help and Come back) and they are open on Fridays and Saturdays. The entrance is 3 € after 11 p.m.
4. You can go to Tartu from the bus station in Otepaa and the earliest bus at 5:25 am.
5. According to the people after the adoption of € the prices have risen 70%, almost twice.
6. There is one (AND ONLY!) big shop in the city, called Maxima and several sports shops.
7. The young people like to live in Otepaa, because it's a small city with beautiful nature.
8. Otepaa is the winter capital of Estonia and is famous for skiing. It is a paradise for winter sports lovers but if you do not like skiing or snowmobile riding, you could go trekking on the hills. Many famous skiiers live in Otepaa, for examle Andros Verpaluu, who is now under pressure because he was blamed for using doping. Other famous skiers living in Otepaa are Mae and Smigon.
9. There are 2 spas in Otepaa, but, as an elderly lady said, there were three some time ago. So, are they really that good?
10. The major of the parish is Andres Visuapuu and the people working in the city hall are very helpful and friendly.
11. The last beach party was 4 years ago but now instead, there are bonfire parties.
12. The cheapest condoms you can find in Otepaa are 0,93 € but don't count on them!
13. Otepaa as a city is 75 years old. We dont know when its birthday is...
14. Otepaa used to be the intellectual and cultural centre of Estonia and the Estonian flag was made here by some very bright and active citizens.
15. People are divided as to whether it was good or not Estonia to enter EU. They like that they can go travelling freely and there are no borders but the prices have risen and that is the negative aspect. (one the picture - high prices have driven the citizens to cannibalism : )

Klara, Maria, Diana and Kuba say hello!

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