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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strange creatures in Otepää

(Monsters in Otepää)

This glorious and shiny day - 13.04.2011 we all came to small skiing city of Otepää to hunt some answers for our quiz. During the day we have got to know a bit of facts about this awesome city because we were following the list of questions.
Otepaa is 845 years old city, so it has very rich history and traditions. It is the city from where originaly came the Estonian flag-they even have a museum of Estonian flag history. And also, it is the capital of Estonian winter games. They have such famous skiiers as Andrus Veerpalu living and training here.
On our way we met the inhabitans who were helpful; we were accepted with hospitality by the kind Information Center representative. The young people made us a very good impression – most of them knew English and were very nice to chat with.
While we were visiting the city, we shared information with local people about our project and they got really curiuous about it, especialy the young pupils.

(with local young people)
We made some crazy pictures to finalise our interesting city tour. We will remember this day with the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape; in the end, we were exhausted by trying the extremely hot Estonian sauna.
(You can see one more of our crazy pictures below)

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