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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't worry, be happy!

Today was for

Us a day in




Actions for

Y outh ;)

In the the MORNING when i wake up and i feel allright, ya right :) so some of us were a bit nervous and exited, cos the »D« day was here. To get rid of the fearness we were singing this song: So after the breakfast we were in hurry to go to schools and other institutes to present what Youth in action is. It really was nice experience to see new faces full of exitness and willing of knowledge.

The nervousness suddendly went away when step on the stage and saw the bright eyes smiling at us. More opinions about today's experience will be posted later by different presentation groups.

After the main challange we finally got some food – pizza, again :) and then we had a short walk through the forest going to a spa in the middle of nowhere :) It was time for relaxation as you can see on the pics and there was also a voting who wants to spend more time in the spa.

In the evening , ACTUALLY, we had a feedback from ACTUALLY today's presentation and we ACTUALLY figured out that we ACTUALLY did a great job.

See you later alligator :P

Maite, Mustafa and Klara :)

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  1. actually...resuming in ONE WORD :)...yestarday was inteeeereeeeestiiiiing!!


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