Project takes place with the support of the European Community programme "Youth in Action"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Polish follow-up project

Title: NAWIGATOR – Sexual Education

Place/Country: Cracow / Poland
Participants: Young people - 16-17 years old.
Period: April 2011 – June 2012.
Topics: Sexual education, Maturation, Relationships, Contraception, Pregnancy, Sexually transmitted diseases, Sexual violence.
Aim: The project is aimed at spreading reliable, ideologically neutral knowledge about human sexual life.
Project: 1.2 – youth initiatives.
Partners: we will cooperate with local schools and with a psychology student organization.
Main activities: training needs analysis, workshops in school classes, preparing a report about students’ knowledge about sexual life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lithuanian Folow-Up Project

TITLE: Take the stage!
PARTICIPANTS: Youngs 12-16 yrs old.
PERIOD: September 2012 – March 2012.
TOPIC: Social inclusion, discrimination, arts and culture, people with fewer opportunities, volunteering, youth unemployment.
AIM: The project is aimed at allowing young drama students teach children from ethnic minorities, children with fewer opportunities and children with disability drama and finally prepare a play with them and show it at some local community events.
PROJECT: 1.2 – youth initiatives, Švenčionių rajonas.
PARTNERS: we will cooperate with local municipalities, schools, universities educating theatre students and private companies on the basis of aid to the children.
METHODS: Non-formal education, role-playing, simulations, learning-by-doing, various workshops.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


TITLE: Recycling (Part II)
PARTICIPANTS: Youngs 14 – 18 years old.
PERIOD: December 2011 – April 2012.
TOPIC: Environment, pollution, climate changes, Recycling, global warming, sustainable development.
AIM: increase the percentage of recycling in our village. Today is around 8%, and we want to arrive at 25% in one year after the project.
PROJECT: 1.2 – youth initiatives, Biancavilla (CT)
PARTNERS: we will cooperate with other association of our town, Association “zero wastes”, Ass. “Let’s environment”, Ass. “Design the future”.
METHODS: Non formal activities. Children will realize also some “items” with recycled objects, and they will cooperate to realize that.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Students in Action by Spain

The name of our project will be Student Action. It will be held here in Spain, at the University of Seville, which is comprised of more than 20 colleges. This project originated with the idea that other students at the University of Seville, like us, would know about Youth in Action and benefit from it. Thus the age at which participants will be covered is from 18 to 25. This idea is especially for those college students who are interested in information for future exchanges, launching of programs, training courses or EVS. Other than that, we want to reach all young people who are interested in this type of event.
The project duration is 8 days. The date is not set, as it is a project idea and it says that it will take place in the future. The highlights of this project are, among others, that participants come to know, in a way, the contents of Youth in Action, to encourage students to start new projects and to inform you that there are types of organizations that handle doing that kind of activity. In addition we encourage them to start a different project and provide information through the university website. And finally we give some reference of where they might find more information about these types of projects and initiatives.

The expected results after the completion of this initiative is to encourage participants to work in groups, develop their knowledge of Youth in Action, gain practical information and meet new people who in the future may be involved in other activities. The project would be done locally (Seville), even within the Youth Initiative.

As additional information, it just says that once the project at the local level this project will seek to develop internationally with other European universities. And within the project it could get help from teachers, staff and students of the university to make this more fun and participatory.

Slovenia's "I share, I care!"

Project took place in our high school, from 26th-27th May 2011. First day we went to our school to spread news about Youth in Action program, we posted some posters on school corridors, that next day there's gonna be a presentation about it. We had a table with YiA programe books, where youth could find a lot of information. and we told them about the presentation for the next day =) So next day - on Friday, we went to high school again and during two main breaks (each is half an hour long) we had powerpoint presentation in one classroom. There was also one of EVS participants, from Turkey, coming with us, and she told us about her own EVS great experiences. All of the students in the classroom were very interested in Youth in action and EVS. 
Same weekend (27th-29th) there was Pozdrav iz Kotla going on in Kamnik. It is a small festival, where lots of youth come together. We also had a info point there, and we went around and spread news about Youth in Action (there was skating park, with lots of participants (it was kind of competition, so there was also a big crowd cheering for their friends :)) I think we were quite successful, some of those people already joined our FB page Kotlovnica in Action.

From Živa, Slovenia. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project draft of Turkey

Title of the Project:  Support Sport
Activity Venue Place/Country: Bursa/TURKEY
Activity Dates: 15.01.2012 – 22.01.2012
Target group: Young People, Youth Workers, Youth Leaders,
Group size: 30
Participant countries: Spain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Slovenia, Turkey
Activity type: Training Course
Applying organization: Deneysel Eğitim Merkezi /Eskişehir/TURKEY
By Hakkı SAĞLAM / Mustafa Şeref YILMAZ
Promote sports among young children and develop social relationships through sport.
Teach young people to work in team by involving them in team’s sports.
Keep young people away from the bad habits by featuring healthy life style through sports
To inform young people about YiA programme and its actions.
Main activities:
Each day has a specific (team) sport theme and discuss how to use that specific sport for young people to involve them on the course of the aims and objects of the project.
After discussing the ways of promoting sports among young people and how to implement the ideas, next day the ideas will be applied within a group of students aged between 15 and 18.
Alongside the sports activities, a period of time will also be spent on informing the students about YiA programme.
During the activities, there will be a professional sport trainer of the specific branch of the day.
Among the sport activities, there will be football, basketball, handball, volleyball, and skiing, swimming, athletics.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bulgarian follow-up - "Schools in Action"

Project Name: Schools in Action
Organisers – Club Young Scientists - Diana Veleva and Adriana Ivanova

Project’s Aim – This project aims at promoting the Youth in Action programme among students
in local schools (in Sofia) in an engaging and interactive way. By using the experience gained
during the training course “I share, I care” we want to present the five actions of YiA with focus
on youth exchanges, youth initiatives and EVS. In doing so, we will use our personal approach
and experience along with videos and pictures of previous events. Our main goal is to engage
the students’ interest, provoke their curiosity and make them aware of the YiA programme and
motivated to take part in it.

Venue – Schools in Sofia district
– 3 - 5 months

Target group – school students aged 15+; teachers; principals

When – starting from 15 September 2011 (start of school year in Bulgaria)

Description of the project – The project will be in 2 phases. The first phase will be to choose
the schools and talk with the teachers or principals and to fix a date for the presentation. The
second phase will be to prepare the materials and information about upcoming YiA projects.
The presentation itself will be informative and will describe YiA but at the same time we will
emphasise more on personal stories and will try to engage the audience by asking questions and
opinions. After the presentation we will distribute contacts and information leaflets.

Equipment and Materials – brochures and information leaflets about YiA from the National
Agency; a projector (from the school)
Financing – no funding is needed

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hungarian follow-up project

Name: Cultures in Action (Youth Exchange)

Who is going to do it?

Host country: Hungary, Szentes

Partner countries: Estonia, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania

4-5 participant / country

age between 17-21

Target group:

Highschool leavers, university students. Who is interested and opened to language differences (etimology, linguistics) and various types of communication (oral, gesture, body language) between countries. (+differences in art expressions)

Duration and beginning date:

9 days, 2012. szeptember 1-9.

Main project topics:

Cultural awareness, similarities and differences between communication customs. Theoretical and practical background of speech and body language. How can you create message and effectively deliver it?

Expected results:

Better communication skills, confidence of delivery public speech in English, skill of negotiating, tolerance towards other cultures, gain practical examplesm contacts.

Project level

International, Youth Exchange in Hungary


Estonia, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania

Additiona information:

Different experts: advertisor expert, negotiator,

University teachers, drama teacher,

Lecsó (food festival) @ Szentes, host country demonstration (trip to Szeged), challenge trip on the River Tisza.

This is a picture of our team at the Lecsó(ratatouille) festival.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visit at the Otepää municipality

On 19.04.2011 our team consisted of Adriana, Kuba and Hakki. We went to the Otepää municipality to present there the Youth in Action programme. First we had one hour to rehearse our presentation and videos and to check whether all the technical stuff is working. Then came 11.00 AM and all the local representatives – around seven people, entered the room. We welcomed them and introduced ourselves shortly. Then we asked them to do the same and also to write down their names and job titles; this way we knew who were they. We also asked them to explain us what they do for the local youth; we learnt that they have a youth center and that they do different types of youth work. Then we told them how the presentation will go – first we will make an overview of YiA, then we will give examples and then we will try to generate ideas together with them. Our goal was to use the presentation as a trigger for a discussion about what projects can be done for the local youth.

We spoke about each of the five YiA subprograms/actions; our focus was mainly on Youth Democracy, Youth Seminars and Youth Initiatives but we covered all of them by giving all the needed general information. Then we asked them if they have any questions about each of the subprograms and provided them with the answers they needed. Our presentation was quite interactive so when we spoke about the benefits from YiA for both the youth and the municipality we asked them to talk about it first and only afterwards we laid out our vision on the topic. Then came the time to discuss actual project ideas and left the municipality officials to discuss the topic. In the end, they wrote down their project ideas and we also shared with them our project ideas.

English language was an obstacle to some of them but this was not a problem because the deputy mayor was quite helpful and did the translation for us whenever needed. It is interesting to mention that the mayor also came to our presentation. This was a very helpful experience for both parties – us and the municipality officials because it broadened our horizons.

Prezi about the EVS and Youth Initiatives

Otepää Gymnasium:) INFO DAY


Our group (Diana, Mse and Margus) was the first information provider team in the Otepää Gymnaisium. The informational event took place in the dining room full with Estonian students (age: 13-18).

OUR STAFF : 1 computer, 1 poster, brochures and the motivated information officers (us)

At 11 am there were already 60 students having lunch in the room so it started to seem a hard task to reach all of them.

11.30: The event started, we seperated and started to talk to the students to motivate and inspire them towards youth in actions... (we presented them mainly the youth exchanges, EVS and youth initiatives).

Our attitude and kindness were our weapons :P and we asked questions such as:

-Do you like traveling? Would you like your travels to be supported by the European Union?
-What are your hobbies?
-Are you interested in traveling and having fun with other nation's students?;)):)

Their answers:

-Maybe, if you drink with me a coffee.

Even if they could not talk fluently in English, they tried to communicate with us, and we always asked for feedback.

-Do you know what Youth in Action means?
-Is it understandabe?
-Pleace, ask, if something is not clear. ( and ACTUALLY they did), so everything went well, and the whole event had a great athmosphere. We laughed a lot with the students, and shared our own experiences about our project.

How to get their interests (GIRLS, BOYS) key words:



12:25: The informational event ended and we were all in a good mood because the students have learnt about all the great possibilities with the YiA programme and we completed our mission.


Diana , Margus, Ms

Quality not quantity

Hey, this is Jukka, Bea and Sarunas:)
We tried our best to prepare in the night for the following mission in the Korp! Vironia (Tartu)
We were supposed to speak to unemployed youth and university students in a sort of informational seminar placing emphasis on social responsibility and volunteering. When we arrived to the faternity house which was seriously awesome (with swords and pool tables!), we set up the projector, got mentally prepared for the challenge and waited for the flood of people.12:30 .... nothing...
12:36 .... Riho starts hearing voices....
12:41 .... Riho returns with no one.. :(
12:55 .... Riho starts hearingvoices AGAIN... but this time he came back with a girl. (yupííííí)

After we introduced ourselves, we started a presentation. We asked what had she heard about Youth in Action, and she had already heard a lot about it and was especially interested in EVS, how to apply, what are the requirements, what it is exactly and financing. We were happy to help her understand the system, and explain the opportunities available with EVS. We even worked with the EVS database to find her a place for volunteering in various countries!
Since we didn't feel satisfied sharing what we have learned with just one person, we headed down to the University of Tartu, where we talked to various young people and told them about their opportunities and were very pleased with the results. Most people talked very good english and had already heard about Youth in Action, but were interested in deepening their understanding.When we were out of booklets and handouts, we decided to eat something pretty delicious at a kebab place Riho mentioned. How we can get back to Otepaa? Ohh, yes, we have to reach the bus!!! So we were running to the station and jump on it. The way back was sleepy and silent after the big challenging day.

Kind regards,
Sarunas, Jukka, Bea.

Some Words from all Participants of "I Share I Care"

We had a rough day in Otepaa, Tartu and Valga to overcome some challenges, which are to introduce YiA programme to different target gruops including desicion makers in the municipality, students fro different schools at different levels.

And today, we were assigned new tasks by our instructors. We were supposed to convey a project idea by only using clothes and accecories on them. No speaking, no writing, only visual demonstration (that made it quite challenging). But we made it, we were able to express our ideas to our friends.

We had a really fertile day as we presented our future project ideas on different topics and places. Among the ideas, theater as a tool of presentation of YiA, getting together, YiA in universities, 1.1 in Italy, 1.1 on diversity, sexual education.......

We have a video of participants saying few words about our project:

Thanks to:
  • Magic Margus, Happy Heleri, Kind Katja, Crazy Katrin and Rocky Riho from Estonia,
  • Beata Bright and Kuba Creative from Poland,
  • Bea Bella and Maria Marvellous from Spain,
  • Super Salvo and Very Vale from Italy,
  • Klara Cool and Gigulo Ziva from Slovenia,
  • Dimitir Driving, Dreaming Diana and Amore Adriana from Bulgaria,
  • Larisa Lovely and Alina Amazing from Romania,
  • Hakkı Huge and Mustafa Magic from Turkey,
  • Marius Masterfull and Shining Sarunas from Lithuania,
  • Jammy Jukka and Everlasting Emese from Hungary.
for participating in the project "I Share, I Care" in Estonia.

Buen vıaje!!! Srečno pot!!!

Gero kelıo!! Buon vıaggıo!!!
Prıat no patuvane!!! Head reısı!!!

Udanej podrózy!!! Jò utat!!!

güzel bir yolculuk!!! călătorie plăcută!!!


By Bea and Hakkı.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't worry, be happy!

Today was for

Us a day in




Actions for

Y outh ;)

In the the MORNING when i wake up and i feel allright, ya right :) so some of us were a bit nervous and exited, cos the »D« day was here. To get rid of the fearness we were singing this song: So after the breakfast we were in hurry to go to schools and other institutes to present what Youth in action is. It really was nice experience to see new faces full of exitness and willing of knowledge.

The nervousness suddendly went away when step on the stage and saw the bright eyes smiling at us. More opinions about today's experience will be posted later by different presentation groups.

After the main challange we finally got some food – pizza, again :) and then we had a short walk through the forest going to a spa in the middle of nowhere :) It was time for relaxation as you can see on the pics and there was also a voting who wants to spend more time in the spa.

In the evening , ACTUALLY, we had a feedback from ACTUALLY today's presentation and we ACTUALLY figured out that we ACTUALLY did a great job.

See you later alligator :P

Maite, Mustafa and Klara :)

Puuuuhaaaajarveeeee :)

Primary school. Youngsters from the age 14 to 16. Alone with us. A big challenge. At first they were a little bit shy but soon they realised that we're not teachers and we're like them, just a little bit older :). So after our introduction we decided break the ice with a game called: princess-dragon-samurai. What is going on? Why did we splited in two groups? Didn't we came here to get some informations and not playing games? ....but i'm actually liking this kind of's funny and new to me :) ...

»Let's make a circle« is a sentence that is heared 100 times per day :) So we wanted to know what do this kids do in their freetime and if they like to travel or meet new friends and they became really interesed in :)

Then we had to do a theorethical part with ppt presentation and explain what YiA is :) For not being bored we decided to show a short movie about our previous youth programms which we'd participated. And the kids were laughing all the time :) yaaay :)

So why shouldn't we play another game, for example Kataflau :) There were laughing even more :) and let's have some Harry Potter's energizers.

»What did you learned today?« was the question from our side. We wanted to know if we done a good job. »One word« from each student which describes our workshops. At the end they happly took all the info brochures and cards.

Greetings from Larisa, Salvo and Klara

Monday, April 18, 2011

Preparing presentation of presentation


8:36 - Oh, no! The day's starting :)
8.56 - Oh, no! Riho is knocking on my door... :(
9.00 - Oh, no no no! Cold water in the shower... :(
9.30 - Oh! Others are still sleeping... ?!?!

You know people say: „ Your morning will reflect your whole day …..” It did:)
10.00 – Lord miserable” Voldemort was trying to catch the Harry “pathetic” Potter. The challenge was hard, because the “pitiable” “bushes” were too strong, and the fat Harries couldn’t fit in. Even if the movements of the feet were very rapid, they seemed to “run” with an average of speed of 1 Km/year. Margus had a fancy about being Voldemort, so he bought the licence to be always the “catcher”. He has fallen in love with the character.. anyway in the other hand of the “theatre” Super Sicilian Salvatore “stood always in my(Mse’s) bush” (see translation in hungarian) and it was very annoying :D:D:D
10.15 – Movietime!  The theme of the movies were about Youth in Action  and there was one was about one estonian guy called IMRE, who went to Spain to do his EVS. After that we found out some ways to make information more attractive. 
11.30 – We started to work on our presentations because tomorrow is going to be THE  INFO DAY (we hope)
Everyone was very concentrated on his own work, like you see Salvo below!
13:00 - LUNCH TIME!!!!!!!!!
The lunch was very very very normal.. potatoes, pork, bread, but the sauce I don't like.... we really missed the water with CUCUMBER.14:00 Presentation making

15:00 Presentation making...

16:00 Presentation making..........................?!?!?!?! :)

17:00 - Actually, it was the time to present our presentations... 
18.00 – Dinner!.... good breaded meat, unmissable ( if there is such word like this) potatoes and the evil sauce again and again and again...
19.00 –  Estonian youth workers and youth leaders arrived to know more about our associations and our experience in YiA programme. We shared our experiences and spent some good time.
We had a nice discussion in groups in the company of different types of cheese and delicious wines. (One of the was HUNGARIAN ;))
22.17 – group picture
22.00:Ohh...  Time is seems to go backwards.... :D:D:D:
23:00 Some of the Estonian guests left and some of them are still enjoying our magnificent company!!!!
23:10 we are still writing and it’s getting funny to select the right picture for the bloggggggg.
24:00 GOODBYE.
Written MSE (Ungheria) , AND SALVO THE ....(....)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zombies in Tartu

After the Estonian night when we had a very exciting quiz game it was difficult to start the new day. Some of the people were missing and as we noticed they were stuck in Zombieland. Those creatures were pale, with red eyes and they were crawling all over the dining room in search of a nice spot to lay down their shallow bodies.
How can you make zombies take human shape?
Of course, with energetic Estonian dances! Those active moves were indeed helpful and all the sleeping zombies took their place in the team circle as normal human beings. We were all ready to continue our weekly actions and training work.
Today´s topic was about public speaking and motivating people. Everybody has a fear of speaking in front of people and we pointed out the main problems and solutions of speaking in public. Then we were split in several groups to make presentations on ways of approaching and motivating different group targets. By brainstorming we made a simple plan of basic steps on group/individual motivation. We also wrote down the do´s and don´ts of how to effectively motivate people.
We learnt how to engage people, catch their attention and make them more active about citizenship, community work and influencing decision-makers.
The later afternoon was devoted to a Tartu city trip. Here we had some short guided tour and later – some free time to explore the cozy shops for lovely souvenir gifts. The wonderful afternoon ran so fast that we even didn’t notice when we ended up in the highest pub in the world. We don’t know if it is the highest but the beer glasses were the biggest.
In the end, almost at midnight, hopelessly tired we again returned to the feeling of being zombies.
Creature adventures, to be continued…

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Special Chart of Greetings

„Special Chart of Greetings”

Once upon a time there was a group of people staying in Vidrike. It was an unusual morning when they came up with an idea of sharing their national expressions, so they created a special Chart of Greetings.
After that, they decided to prepare a chronic for future generation, in order to share their experience on virgin teritory of Otepaa.
So...going back to reality- they made a blog. They also learn how to survive in the modern world and how important it is to read behind the lines ( actually read lines). They learned that the age is not an impediment when people who care want to share.

But why so serious?.....let's have some fun and draw some ducks and bears....

Btw, questions:

Why do you like to study or being abroad?
What opportunities for involving youth people do you see?
What do you think you mean youth in action?
What do you want to change in your life?
What are you doing in your free time?
What are your expectations and priorities?
What would you like to change in your school /authority?
Would you like to study or being abroad?
Would you like to make your life more interesting?
Is it there anything that you would like to change?
Have you ever heard about this program?
Do you want to be more active in the social life through the youth in action program?
Do you want to meet people from different countries?
Do you want to meet friends and have fun?
Do you know about YiA and young initiatives?
Are you prepared to have the best experience in your life?
Do you know the benefits of YiA program? Would you like to learn for European Voluntary Service?
Do you want to go more deeply in democracy world?

Greetings from Beata & Alina!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Youth in Action day

Today's day started with a little sleepyness after the diversity night. But since we have energizers and really good spirit among the group, everything went well. First thing to do was to find out the differences between formal, non-formal and informal learning. Do you know the differences? No? We know now and we suggest you to come to one of the Youth in Action program to find it out by yourself :). Until then, we may tell you that as long as you’re staying in school and listen to your teachers it’s formal learning, in breaks when you talk to your fellows about work you did during lessons would be informal learning and non-formal learning you would experience in different projects.
Today’s schedule of our project I share I care, was based on non-formal learning about YiA program. We were divided into groups of three participants and each group would have a task to explain others about actions possible in the YiA program. To find everything about it by yourself, follow this link.
The workshop we had went great, groups presented the actions very clearly and there would be some nice discussion and debates on different projects in which participants were already involved in. Some of us have some experience from before, but not much. Some participants don’t have any previous experiences but there are also some, who have a lot of projects behind and they shared their knowledge with the rest of us.
In the afternoon was time for a meeting café. Who do you think joined us? 6 YiA experts with lots of experiences to share with us!!! Most of us, decided to do European Volunteer Services once in our life. You should check it too! You may also go in different continents to practice and to take some time between your studies. It’s mostly free of charge, YiA would provide you transportation, accommodation, beverages and you would get some pocket money as well. Seems cool, right?
Now it’s time to leave, we have to get ourselves ready to eat dinner in town and go out partying after words. YiA program is WAITING 4 YOU!
Only for you from the middle of no where,
Larisa and Živa