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Monday, April 18, 2011

Preparing presentation of presentation


8:36 - Oh, no! The day's starting :)
8.56 - Oh, no! Riho is knocking on my door... :(
9.00 - Oh, no no no! Cold water in the shower... :(
9.30 - Oh! Others are still sleeping... ?!?!

You know people say: „ Your morning will reflect your whole day …..” It did:)
10.00 – Lord miserable” Voldemort was trying to catch the Harry “pathetic” Potter. The challenge was hard, because the “pitiable” “bushes” were too strong, and the fat Harries couldn’t fit in. Even if the movements of the feet were very rapid, they seemed to “run” with an average of speed of 1 Km/year. Margus had a fancy about being Voldemort, so he bought the licence to be always the “catcher”. He has fallen in love with the character.. anyway in the other hand of the “theatre” Super Sicilian Salvatore “stood always in my(Mse’s) bush” (see translation in hungarian) and it was very annoying :D:D:D
10.15 – Movietime!  The theme of the movies were about Youth in Action  and there was one was about one estonian guy called IMRE, who went to Spain to do his EVS. After that we found out some ways to make information more attractive. 
11.30 – We started to work on our presentations because tomorrow is going to be THE  INFO DAY (we hope)
Everyone was very concentrated on his own work, like you see Salvo below!
13:00 - LUNCH TIME!!!!!!!!!
The lunch was very very very normal.. potatoes, pork, bread, but the sauce I don't like.... we really missed the water with CUCUMBER.14:00 Presentation making

15:00 Presentation making...

16:00 Presentation making..........................?!?!?!?! :)

17:00 - Actually, it was the time to present our presentations... 
18.00 – Dinner!.... good breaded meat, unmissable ( if there is such word like this) potatoes and the evil sauce again and again and again...
19.00 –  Estonian youth workers and youth leaders arrived to know more about our associations and our experience in YiA programme. We shared our experiences and spent some good time.
We had a nice discussion in groups in the company of different types of cheese and delicious wines. (One of the was HUNGARIAN ;))
22.17 – group picture
22.00:Ohh...  Time is seems to go backwards.... :D:D:D:
23:00 Some of the Estonian guests left and some of them are still enjoying our magnificent company!!!!
23:10 we are still writing and it’s getting funny to select the right picture for the bloggggggg.
24:00 GOODBYE.
Written MSE (Ungheria) , AND SALVO THE ....(....)

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