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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bulgarian follow-up - "Schools in Action"

Project Name: Schools in Action
Organisers – Club Young Scientists - Diana Veleva and Adriana Ivanova

Project’s Aim – This project aims at promoting the Youth in Action programme among students
in local schools (in Sofia) in an engaging and interactive way. By using the experience gained
during the training course “I share, I care” we want to present the five actions of YiA with focus
on youth exchanges, youth initiatives and EVS. In doing so, we will use our personal approach
and experience along with videos and pictures of previous events. Our main goal is to engage
the students’ interest, provoke their curiosity and make them aware of the YiA programme and
motivated to take part in it.

Venue – Schools in Sofia district
– 3 - 5 months

Target group – school students aged 15+; teachers; principals

When – starting from 15 September 2011 (start of school year in Bulgaria)

Description of the project – The project will be in 2 phases. The first phase will be to choose
the schools and talk with the teachers or principals and to fix a date for the presentation. The
second phase will be to prepare the materials and information about upcoming YiA projects.
The presentation itself will be informative and will describe YiA but at the same time we will
emphasise more on personal stories and will try to engage the audience by asking questions and
opinions. After the presentation we will distribute contacts and information leaflets.

Equipment and Materials – brochures and information leaflets about YiA from the National
Agency; a projector (from the school)
Financing – no funding is needed

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