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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Puuuuhaaaajarveeeee :)

Primary school. Youngsters from the age 14 to 16. Alone with us. A big challenge. At first they were a little bit shy but soon they realised that we're not teachers and we're like them, just a little bit older :). So after our introduction we decided break the ice with a game called: princess-dragon-samurai. What is going on? Why did we splited in two groups? Didn't we came here to get some informations and not playing games? ....but i'm actually liking this kind of's funny and new to me :) ...

»Let's make a circle« is a sentence that is heared 100 times per day :) So we wanted to know what do this kids do in their freetime and if they like to travel or meet new friends and they became really interesed in :)

Then we had to do a theorethical part with ppt presentation and explain what YiA is :) For not being bored we decided to show a short movie about our previous youth programms which we'd participated. And the kids were laughing all the time :) yaaay :)

So why shouldn't we play another game, for example Kataflau :) There were laughing even more :) and let's have some Harry Potter's energizers.

»What did you learned today?« was the question from our side. We wanted to know if we done a good job. »One word« from each student which describes our workshops. At the end they happly took all the info brochures and cards.

Greetings from Larisa, Salvo and Klara

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