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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Second day - second part :)

Actually we made this post in the SIESTA, which is a good initiative, but we would appreciate the spanish style more - with palm trees and sunbathing :)
The second part of the day began with becoming someone else, in this case we acted like we were from 3 different tribes: Smilia, Coldonia and Turtelia!
They had very different customs and cultural behaviour, e.g: Coldonians were cold and sexually active, Smilians were very positive and saying YES all of the time, Turtelians were very emotional and continuously expressing their feelings.
After all, we discussed stereotypes and misjudgements of different cultures can be avoided by tolerance, respect and understanding each other in love and in peace.

Then we became travellers in a train and had to choose people we will be travelling with. The people were very different like skinheads and underage drug addicts and even a priest, which caused a lot of discussions among the groups. In the end we had to compromise and eat. It was hard, there was spaggeti and white sauce cream (suspicious?)..

In the evening we had the intercultural presentations and food tasting. You wouldn't believe how many types of vodka shown up on the different tables. But our new friends Cujka, Palinka and Wisniowka got along well and we had loads of fun again... :)
Dancing queens and kings conquered the dancefloor but by the next morning everybody was humbled again. But thats a story for somebody else to write... (Hitchcock)

Thanks for your kind attention still,
Jukka, Kuba, Sarunas!

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