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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Otepää in our eyes...

We have met: Kevin, Astrid, Kerle,Ene, Maime Rose, Sille, Ranek, Nari, Mirjam and Merle who answered our questions.

Hmm…condoms? For their safety, we choose the prices for Durex: 2,55 euros.
From the answers we could draw a picture of 150 years old of Otepaa with the ,,king” Andres Visnapuu and 2 spas nearby ( Bernhard Spa & Puhajarv Spa). BTW, the Puhajarv (Holy Lake)
is a legendary Estonian lake. Otepaa is famous for FIS Cross-Country World Cup event and for skiing resort. Lot of people come here and enjoy the nature.

They have two schools in Otepaa where the famous skiers – Jaak Mae, Andrus Verbalu - attended to. These famous people live in Otepaa on Kalda Street, Hundisoo Street. In the Otepaa Gumnaasium are studying approximately 700 students. In the other Otepaa Sport Internat School has been attended by many legendary Estonian sport figures.

The older people weren`t so enthusiastic joining EU but theyounger generation could appreciate the positive side. They said that the prices were increased before they change the currency so it was not significant for them.
Where we can go out? To Come Back (Friday & Saturday) we can for free before midnight and after with 6 euro, we can also go to Help (for youngsters) with 7 euro which is ironic because it isplaced next to Strip Club were we can see the girls with 10 euro.
We want to go to the beach too! But the last beach party took place in 2001 – 2002. So sad! :(

I like both shops from Otepaa! We have bought some food there
and after this we found out that the first bus to Tartu leaves at 5:25 in the morning.

Now we can show you our crazy time in Otepaa! So much funnn!!!
Kisses from Larisa, Beata, Jukka and Margus!

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