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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Otepää Gymnasium:) INFO DAY


Our group (Diana, Mse and Margus) was the first information provider team in the Otepää Gymnaisium. The informational event took place in the dining room full with Estonian students (age: 13-18).

OUR STAFF : 1 computer, 1 poster, brochures and the motivated information officers (us)

At 11 am there were already 60 students having lunch in the room so it started to seem a hard task to reach all of them.

11.30: The event started, we seperated and started to talk to the students to motivate and inspire them towards youth in actions... (we presented them mainly the youth exchanges, EVS and youth initiatives).

Our attitude and kindness were our weapons :P and we asked questions such as:

-Do you like traveling? Would you like your travels to be supported by the European Union?
-What are your hobbies?
-Are you interested in traveling and having fun with other nation's students?;)):)

Their answers:

-Maybe, if you drink with me a coffee.

Even if they could not talk fluently in English, they tried to communicate with us, and we always asked for feedback.

-Do you know what Youth in Action means?
-Is it understandabe?
-Pleace, ask, if something is not clear. ( and ACTUALLY they did), so everything went well, and the whole event had a great athmosphere. We laughed a lot with the students, and shared our own experiences about our project.

How to get their interests (GIRLS, BOYS) key words:



12:25: The informational event ended and we were all in a good mood because the students have learnt about all the great possibilities with the YiA programme and we completed our mission.


Diana , Margus, Ms

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