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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Words from all Participants of "I Share I Care"

We had a rough day in Otepaa, Tartu and Valga to overcome some challenges, which are to introduce YiA programme to different target gruops including desicion makers in the municipality, students fro different schools at different levels.

And today, we were assigned new tasks by our instructors. We were supposed to convey a project idea by only using clothes and accecories on them. No speaking, no writing, only visual demonstration (that made it quite challenging). But we made it, we were able to express our ideas to our friends.

We had a really fertile day as we presented our future project ideas on different topics and places. Among the ideas, theater as a tool of presentation of YiA, getting together, YiA in universities, 1.1 in Italy, 1.1 on diversity, sexual education.......

We have a video of participants saying few words about our project:

Thanks to:
  • Magic Margus, Happy Heleri, Kind Katja, Crazy Katrin and Rocky Riho from Estonia,
  • Beata Bright and Kuba Creative from Poland,
  • Bea Bella and Maria Marvellous from Spain,
  • Super Salvo and Very Vale from Italy,
  • Klara Cool and Gigulo Ziva from Slovenia,
  • Dimitir Driving, Dreaming Diana and Amore Adriana from Bulgaria,
  • Larisa Lovely and Alina Amazing from Romania,
  • Hakkı Huge and Mustafa Magic from Turkey,
  • Marius Masterfull and Shining Sarunas from Lithuania,
  • Jammy Jukka and Everlasting Emese from Hungary.
for participating in the project "I Share, I Care" in Estonia.

Buen vıaje!!! Srečno pot!!!

Gero kelıo!! Buon vıaggıo!!!
Prıat no patuvane!!! Head reısı!!!

Udanej podrózy!!! Jò utat!!!

güzel bir yolculuk!!! călătorie plăcută!!!


By Bea and Hakkı.


  1. awww how nice :) thanks to all of you for having fun all the time :) it was a really nice experience and i hope we'll stay in touch!

  2. hey, it aint over!!!
    but thanks for the video, you did a great job!! :)


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