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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project draft of Turkey

Title of the Project:  Support Sport
Activity Venue Place/Country: Bursa/TURKEY
Activity Dates: 15.01.2012 – 22.01.2012
Target group: Young People, Youth Workers, Youth Leaders,
Group size: 30
Participant countries: Spain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Slovenia, Turkey
Activity type: Training Course
Applying organization: Deneysel Eğitim Merkezi /Eskişehir/TURKEY
By Hakkı SAĞLAM / Mustafa Şeref YILMAZ
Promote sports among young children and develop social relationships through sport.
Teach young people to work in team by involving them in team’s sports.
Keep young people away from the bad habits by featuring healthy life style through sports
To inform young people about YiA programme and its actions.
Main activities:
Each day has a specific (team) sport theme and discuss how to use that specific sport for young people to involve them on the course of the aims and objects of the project.
After discussing the ways of promoting sports among young people and how to implement the ideas, next day the ideas will be applied within a group of students aged between 15 and 18.
Alongside the sports activities, a period of time will also be spent on informing the students about YiA programme.
During the activities, there will be a professional sport trainer of the specific branch of the day.
Among the sport activities, there will be football, basketball, handball, volleyball, and skiing, swimming, athletics.

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