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Monday, July 4, 2011

Students in Action by Spain

The name of our project will be Student Action. It will be held here in Spain, at the University of Seville, which is comprised of more than 20 colleges. This project originated with the idea that other students at the University of Seville, like us, would know about Youth in Action and benefit from it. Thus the age at which participants will be covered is from 18 to 25. This idea is especially for those college students who are interested in information for future exchanges, launching of programs, training courses or EVS. Other than that, we want to reach all young people who are interested in this type of event.
The project duration is 8 days. The date is not set, as it is a project idea and it says that it will take place in the future. The highlights of this project are, among others, that participants come to know, in a way, the contents of Youth in Action, to encourage students to start new projects and to inform you that there are types of organizations that handle doing that kind of activity. In addition we encourage them to start a different project and provide information through the university website. And finally we give some reference of where they might find more information about these types of projects and initiatives.

The expected results after the completion of this initiative is to encourage participants to work in groups, develop their knowledge of Youth in Action, gain practical information and meet new people who in the future may be involved in other activities. The project would be done locally (Seville), even within the Youth Initiative.

As additional information, it just says that once the project at the local level this project will seek to develop internationally with other European universities. And within the project it could get help from teachers, staff and students of the university to make this more fun and participatory.

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