Project takes place with the support of the European Community programme "Youth in Action"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Polish follow-up project

Title: NAWIGATOR – Sexual Education

Place/Country: Cracow / Poland
Participants: Young people - 16-17 years old.
Period: April 2011 – June 2012.
Topics: Sexual education, Maturation, Relationships, Contraception, Pregnancy, Sexually transmitted diseases, Sexual violence.
Aim: The project is aimed at spreading reliable, ideologically neutral knowledge about human sexual life.
Project: 1.2 – youth initiatives.
Partners: we will cooperate with local schools and with a psychology student organization.
Main activities: training needs analysis, workshops in school classes, preparing a report about students’ knowledge about sexual life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lithuanian Folow-Up Project

TITLE: Take the stage!
PARTICIPANTS: Youngs 12-16 yrs old.
PERIOD: September 2012 – March 2012.
TOPIC: Social inclusion, discrimination, arts and culture, people with fewer opportunities, volunteering, youth unemployment.
AIM: The project is aimed at allowing young drama students teach children from ethnic minorities, children with fewer opportunities and children with disability drama and finally prepare a play with them and show it at some local community events.
PROJECT: 1.2 – youth initiatives, Švenčionių rajonas.
PARTNERS: we will cooperate with local municipalities, schools, universities educating theatre students and private companies on the basis of aid to the children.
METHODS: Non-formal education, role-playing, simulations, learning-by-doing, various workshops.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


TITLE: Recycling (Part II)
PARTICIPANTS: Youngs 14 – 18 years old.
PERIOD: December 2011 – April 2012.
TOPIC: Environment, pollution, climate changes, Recycling, global warming, sustainable development.
AIM: increase the percentage of recycling in our village. Today is around 8%, and we want to arrive at 25% in one year after the project.
PROJECT: 1.2 – youth initiatives, Biancavilla (CT)
PARTNERS: we will cooperate with other association of our town, Association “zero wastes”, Ass. “Let’s environment”, Ass. “Design the future”.
METHODS: Non formal activities. Children will realize also some “items” with recycled objects, and they will cooperate to realize that.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Students in Action by Spain

The name of our project will be Student Action. It will be held here in Spain, at the University of Seville, which is comprised of more than 20 colleges. This project originated with the idea that other students at the University of Seville, like us, would know about Youth in Action and benefit from it. Thus the age at which participants will be covered is from 18 to 25. This idea is especially for those college students who are interested in information for future exchanges, launching of programs, training courses or EVS. Other than that, we want to reach all young people who are interested in this type of event.
The project duration is 8 days. The date is not set, as it is a project idea and it says that it will take place in the future. The highlights of this project are, among others, that participants come to know, in a way, the contents of Youth in Action, to encourage students to start new projects and to inform you that there are types of organizations that handle doing that kind of activity. In addition we encourage them to start a different project and provide information through the university website. And finally we give some reference of where they might find more information about these types of projects and initiatives.

The expected results after the completion of this initiative is to encourage participants to work in groups, develop their knowledge of Youth in Action, gain practical information and meet new people who in the future may be involved in other activities. The project would be done locally (Seville), even within the Youth Initiative.

As additional information, it just says that once the project at the local level this project will seek to develop internationally with other European universities. And within the project it could get help from teachers, staff and students of the university to make this more fun and participatory.

Slovenia's "I share, I care!"

Project took place in our high school, from 26th-27th May 2011. First day we went to our school to spread news about Youth in Action program, we posted some posters on school corridors, that next day there's gonna be a presentation about it. We had a table with YiA programe books, where youth could find a lot of information. and we told them about the presentation for the next day =) So next day - on Friday, we went to high school again and during two main breaks (each is half an hour long) we had powerpoint presentation in one classroom. There was also one of EVS participants, from Turkey, coming with us, and she told us about her own EVS great experiences. All of the students in the classroom were very interested in Youth in action and EVS. 
Same weekend (27th-29th) there was Pozdrav iz Kotla going on in Kamnik. It is a small festival, where lots of youth come together. We also had a info point there, and we went around and spread news about Youth in Action (there was skating park, with lots of participants (it was kind of competition, so there was also a big crowd cheering for their friends :)) I think we were quite successful, some of those people already joined our FB page Kotlovnica in Action.

From Živa, Slovenia. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project draft of Turkey

Title of the Project:  Support Sport
Activity Venue Place/Country: Bursa/TURKEY
Activity Dates: 15.01.2012 – 22.01.2012
Target group: Young People, Youth Workers, Youth Leaders,
Group size: 30
Participant countries: Spain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Slovenia, Turkey
Activity type: Training Course
Applying organization: Deneysel Eğitim Merkezi /Eskişehir/TURKEY
By Hakkı SAĞLAM / Mustafa Şeref YILMAZ
Promote sports among young children and develop social relationships through sport.
Teach young people to work in team by involving them in team’s sports.
Keep young people away from the bad habits by featuring healthy life style through sports
To inform young people about YiA programme and its actions.
Main activities:
Each day has a specific (team) sport theme and discuss how to use that specific sport for young people to involve them on the course of the aims and objects of the project.
After discussing the ways of promoting sports among young people and how to implement the ideas, next day the ideas will be applied within a group of students aged between 15 and 18.
Alongside the sports activities, a period of time will also be spent on informing the students about YiA programme.
During the activities, there will be a professional sport trainer of the specific branch of the day.
Among the sport activities, there will be football, basketball, handball, volleyball, and skiing, swimming, athletics.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bulgarian follow-up - "Schools in Action"

Project Name: Schools in Action
Organisers – Club Young Scientists - Diana Veleva and Adriana Ivanova

Project’s Aim – This project aims at promoting the Youth in Action programme among students
in local schools (in Sofia) in an engaging and interactive way. By using the experience gained
during the training course “I share, I care” we want to present the five actions of YiA with focus
on youth exchanges, youth initiatives and EVS. In doing so, we will use our personal approach
and experience along with videos and pictures of previous events. Our main goal is to engage
the students’ interest, provoke their curiosity and make them aware of the YiA programme and
motivated to take part in it.

Venue – Schools in Sofia district
– 3 - 5 months

Target group – school students aged 15+; teachers; principals

When – starting from 15 September 2011 (start of school year in Bulgaria)

Description of the project – The project will be in 2 phases. The first phase will be to choose
the schools and talk with the teachers or principals and to fix a date for the presentation. The
second phase will be to prepare the materials and information about upcoming YiA projects.
The presentation itself will be informative and will describe YiA but at the same time we will
emphasise more on personal stories and will try to engage the audience by asking questions and
opinions. After the presentation we will distribute contacts and information leaflets.

Equipment and Materials – brochures and information leaflets about YiA from the National
Agency; a projector (from the school)
Financing – no funding is needed